Wednesday, March 28, 2012


link up with miss jamie!

This week I am loving....

...the new challenge I am starting today! It is primarily a weight loss challenge but it encourages you to eat better, sleep better, exercise more, adopt healthy habits, and get rid of unhealthy habits! A group of 15 girls in my town started it 8 weeks ago, word got around, and now for round two there are 60 people competing! I am so excited.... there is also $800 dollars on the line for the winning team! More on this soon, but wish me luck!! niece is coming to visit for her spring break next week! She is 16 and this will be her first time flying all by herself! I can't wait for her to get here! C'mon Friday, hurry up!! 

Here are two of my nieces a couple of years ago.....
Courtney on the left lives in the same town as me : ), Shelby on the right lives in Michigan : (

... A couple of our friends, E, and I just booked a weekend in New York City in May! Considering I live only about 5 hours from New York I have spent surprisingly little time there! Our hotel is really nice and right downtown! I am super excited!! 

... 16 and Pregnant came back on last night. I know, I know, such trashy tv, but I just can't help myself! 

... two alarm clocks away from the weekend!!

Happy Wednesday, y'all! 


  1. I love New York! I have only been there once but I can't wait to go back!!
    Enjoy your time with your niece!!

  2. love the "2 alarm clocks" thought. it's a great way to look at things!!

    and good luck on your weight loss ventures... it's so hard, isn't it? (at least it is for me)

    have a great Wednesday!

  3. I love that you said we are two alarm clocks away from the weekend! What a great way to look at it :)

    Your trip to NY sounds fabulous!

    Good luck with your challenge!!