Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

*I am sooo excited for this work day to be over... only, um, like 6.5 more hours! Nottoobadright? I am excited because my brother is coming for the weekend to visit and to surprise my Dad (who we are throwing a surprise 65th bday and retirement party this weekend)! My brother lives in Michigan so when I get to spend time with him I love it and also I think my Dad is going to be SO surprised and that is going to be awesome. Love it! It is going to be a fun weekend, I'll try to take lots of pictures!

*One week from today I leave for Florida for my BFF's wedding!! So excited.

*Tonight I am going to a comedy show with my fam that is a fundraiser for my nephew's baseball team. Free pizza and beer too... well free-ish since I did have to pay for the tickets! I hope it is funny!

*I having been pinning LOTS of wedding related stuff on Pinterest lately. It makes me excited and slightly overwhelmed. Anyone else feel that?
Cute idea for the escort cards!


Can't wait to plan out the candy bar
Source: via Dixie on Pinterest

Wouldn't this look cute on my nautical shell cake?

*Also, this week at the gym I ran my fastest and least out of breath 2.5 miles ever. It was awesome and I am really proud of myself.....but of course the worry wart in me was thinking something was wrong with me like, "Am I still breathing?? Is my heart beating? Why am I not breathing heavily?" Really, Stace, really? Yes, I am a freak occasionally.

Happy Thursday, y'all!
Only one alarm clock away from the weekend


  1. I love some of your wedding pins! So so beautiful! We did a candy buffet also at our wedding and it was SUCH hit! :) I hope the party went well this weekend! :)

  2. I love the idea of a candy buffet! I always love seeing your wedding pins!