Friday, March 2, 2012

Monthly Goals and Look Back


*Track what I eat EVERY day... EVEN WEEKENDS*
still fail. some days but not all
ahh I don't know why this is so hard... especially since the app is right there on my phone! 
must succeed next month.
*Add a strength portion to my workouts atleast 3 x per week*
I did this pretty consistently throughout the month... I am making slow progress!

*Read two books this month*
Not so much... I am still not even halfway finished with my book club book and it is next Wednesday... eek! But I WILL finish that one at least!
*Save, save, save $$$*
Success!! Yay. Also got some tax money back, which is nice :)

*Send out our Save the Dates and book some vendors!*
Done and done! We sent out the save the dates and also booked our transportation, dj, and cake vendors! We also found a ceremony location which was one of the goals I didn't get done last month!

I can do this!!!

*Run three days a week, cross train twice, and do weights atleast twice*
I want to amp up my working out a bit this month, especially since the wedding is only 6 months aways!
*Meal plan to make sure my meals are nutritious (and delicious) haha*
I think deciding what I am going to eat ahead of time really keeps me on track. 

*Finally complete the online indie biz course that I started LAST year!!*
Gotta get this done, for sure!
*SAVE $$*
I did really well on this goal last month and I hope it continues!
*Enjoy the month and the time I get to spend with my brother, bff, and niece at various events!* 
This should be easy and attainable!

*Find an officiant, photographer, {possibly a videographer}, and look into chair rentals!*
All essential this month, it will be nice to have all of the vendors booked!

what are your goals this month?


  1. Way to go with your goals last month. I am sure you can hit this month's.
    My goal is to get back into working out and complete the March ab workout I found.

  2. I think you did pretty well on your goals for last month. Good luck this month!

  3. Your goals are amazing! I have basically been sick for a month, so working out hasn't even begun to be something I've thought about. however, I'm looking forward to getting back to it! :)