Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

This week I am loving.... having the week off!!
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I have this week off because in Massachusetts the schools get a week long break in February and April instead of a "Spring Break." Sometimes I feel like February vacation is pointless and I would much rather get out earlier in June.... but either way I am having a fun week off, and getting a short break from the crazy kiddos!

On Monday, I went with my bridesmaids out to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory and then to go bridesmaid dress shopping. We were striking out at first but finally found something we all might like! Since my wedding is in the summer I am really looking for something "flow-y and summer-y" And short. And that looks good on five different body types.And that comes in the right color. And that is bought from a nice salesperson and not someone who acts annoyed at us and has freaky drawn on eyebrows.  But anyway.... clearly not the easiest task! :) We did find too that fit the criteria though.....  tell me what you think!!

They would probably be in this color:

Option A

Option B

I am leaning towards Option A, but opinions are welcome!

ps: how cute is my flower girl? clearly she was all ready for dress shopping too!!

Yesterday my cousin and I went to ACMoore to get supplies to make a monogrammed display for her baby's bedroom. We got really cute letters and painted them pale pink with bright pink, green, and white polka dots. We also go pink polka dotted ribbon to make bows with to hang them above her crib! Of course we got the idea from pinterest!

cute right??

Today I am trying to be productive cleaning, organizing, getting my taxes done... yay tax returns, and catching up on dance moms

And tomorrow I am going to the new england aquarium. I am really excited to see the new sharks and rays touch tank.....and to see my friend myrtle the turtle who has lived there since 1970 and weighs over 500 pounds!! I can't wait to see the penguins too, or course! 

I love vacations, even staycations, and I think they go by too fast!! 


  1. I like Option A the best. I think the blue color is sooooo pretty!

    Enjoy the rest of your break - I am so jealous!! xoxo

  2. I personally like B but maybe that's just me.

  3. I love that blue color! I think either one of them are beautiful--I'd just go for which one is more comfortable on for your bridesmaids. I wore a dress this past August for a friend's wedding that was pretty terrible. I ended up having all of the boning taken out by a seamstress because I just couldn't handle it. I think you are good with both of them though--they are both so pretty!! :)