Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Make way for who???

Sorry I have been so absent this week. Rough week at work.

I have had data meetings that are each six hours long..... not one or two, but THREE days in a row this week. My mind is spinning with the names of 250 students, benchmark tests, percentile ranks, and goals. Ay ayyy ayyyyy!! Really not super fun. They were also held in a room with no windows. Awesome right??

To say I have a headache and can barely produce logical thoughts is an understatement....

but until I can think again, here is a picture I love:

Someone adorned the Boston "Make Way for Ducklings" statue into "Make Way for Gronklings." 

Love it! 



  1. I really hope Gronk can play on Sunday! We need all the weapons we can get...I have a feeling it's going to be a really tough game and will come down to the last second! I want to win SO bad!