Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Here comes the trolleyyyy!!

We have made some definite wedding planning progress lately! VERY excited!!

We booked a trolley!
I have known for awhile now that I wanted to have a trolley as the transportation for our wedding. Salem  Trolley had the right price and we got a $50 off coupon at a bridal show! Trolleys remind me of growing up in my little tourist town. I think they are fun AND classic. I am also excited that my entire wedding party and some close family members will ALL get to ride together to take pictures and then to continue on to the reception... instead of being separated into smaller limos. I am envisioning champagne toasts, lots of laughs, and sunny skies! Trolleys are not even half as fun if you need to keep the windows rolled down (so cross your fingers for me)! 

We got our DJ!
I am really excited about our DJ. We met him at a bridal show that our venue held. He seems to be REALLY good and isn't tacky/annoying in the way that we all know some djs can be! He is letting us plan a song list and seems very organized! I think he has skills of getting everyone on the dance floor without being overbearing.

We booked our cake vendor! 
Finding a suitable cake has been one of the most fun parts of wedding planning thus far. Probably because of the cake tastings! So delish... although I will say I am a bit happy we have decided so that I can STOP sampling cake (helllooo wedding diet! haha) 

The cake we decided on has a nautical theme with shells scattered throughout and is going to have 4 layers with three different flavors:
1. Cappuccino cake with a mocha filling
2. White cake with raspberries and white chocolate ganache
and my personal fave
3. Apricot Brandy cake with white chocolate ganache filling. LOVE!!

The cake is going to look slightly like this...with the shells, but this really doesn't look like it that much because mine is bigger, has some colorful ribbon, and will have a fun cake topper. Sooooo you get the idea, but you'll just have to use your imagination for now!!

I love figuring out these details and feel like lots of the planning is coming together!!
Only 166 days until I am a MRS! Crazy. 


  1. I love the trolley idea! I've thought about doing a similar thing when I get married (and if it's in Key West). I also really love the nautical cake!! It's going to be so pretty!

  2. Oh I love all of the progress that you've made! I love the trolley idea! That is so so cute!! :) And, the cake layers sound amazing!! :)

  3. That trolley is going to be so much fun! It looks like you've got a lot of the big things done!