Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Here are some of my thoughts for today....

1. Does anyone have any experiences with Photobook America? Or do you have a favorite photo book website? I am looking into making a photo book to act as a guest book at our wedding and am trying to decide what is the best website to order one from. I want quality and crisp images! Suggestions please?

2. People are giving me different opinions about using a videographer or not at our wedding. I am really just not sure. I know that alot of people say that you forget most of your wedding day which makes me want one but at the same time they are a huge added expense. Hmmm..... opinions again, pretty please!!!

3. Along those same lines, do any bloggers have any Boston based photographer friends? Please let me know if you do!

3. Does anyone feel like this work week has been really long? I do and I am over it. Luckily I have a 3 day weekend. :)

clearly, I have wedding on the brain!