Thursday, December 22, 2011

thursday's thoughts

  • Are you ready for Christmas?? I am 99% ready. I still need to buy one more gift and finish a top secret project that I am working on as a gift to my cousins! 
  • Tonight I am finishing baking... lots and lots of cookies and treats. Can't wait! 
  • I have 1.5 (well maybe more like 1 total now... the rest of today and then I need to work until noon tomorrow!) days until I am off for a glorious week and 1 day!
  • I got my first gift of the year from a student today. A starbucks card and some chewy egg nog cookies from Trader Joe's. Amazing. He knows the keys to my happiness. Coffee and dessert :) 
  • I think I will be back to blog atleast once more before Christmas, but if I happen to miss you, I hope you all have an amazing, safe, and happy holiday with those that you love most!! :)
  • And remember, if you're feeling stressed...... 


  1. We are almost finished here! I have one more small gift to get--and then I'll be finished! All of our gifts--so far--are wrapped too! Thank goodness!! :) Merry Christmas friend! :)