Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day Recap

Christmas day was spent with both my family and E's family, who joined our festivities, which was perfect. I woke up at my parent's house Christmas morning (I spent the night) to way too many presents! I think the tree looks really funny/small with all of those presents around it! We had our annual breakfast of fried dough and mimosas. Later in the afternoon, E and I hosted our first Christmas dinner when his parents and brother came down to our house. It turned out really well. In the late afternoon we all returned to my parent's house for the big ugly sweater/yankee swap bash. My ENTIRE family came and we had lots of laugh and lots of fun. My family is getting bigger and bigger and I couldn't believe there were 31 of us there!! I snapped some pics but they are basically all from my iphone so sorry for the bad quality!

Santa Claus came!

Dad relaxing before presents. 

Christmas morning in my fam = FRIED DOUGH BREAKFAST!

My niece Courtney and I after popping our Christmas crackers and waiting for friend dough.

My nephew enjoying his breakfast!

 E and I showing off our ugly sweaters. What do you think??? 

 An uglysweater assortment. 
1. The future bro-in-law and mom-in-law 2. My current bro-in-law (sister's husband)
3. My nephew 4. My niece

More ugly sweaters.
1. Uncle 2. Uncle (his outfit MIGHT be my favorite)
3. My cousin, Lexie 4. Paigie. No ugly sweater but she is just cute!

Some cousins & I! <3

Let the Yankee Swap begin! 

Cousin Alyssa is surprised at getting a pitcher?? 

My family is getting a little big for this room. 

Spending time with family is the best christmas present there is!

Cousin Brendan got the yearly rooster and is super excited about that! 

My Dad got a joke present called "the Tuggie." Use your imagination. 

That was my Christmas day. It was perfect and I love my fam lots. I feel blessed that I have a family that loves each other so much and has such a good time when we are together! 

I'll share my Christmas presents soon!! 


  1. Sounds like and looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I love the picture of all of the presents around the tree--there are so so many! And of course I love the ugly Christmas sweater party! so so funny! :)

  2. Oh my! That's a mountain of presents!!! Glad you had a great Christmas!