Wednesday, November 30, 2011

what i'm loving wednesday.

Can't believe it is Wednesday already and that tomorrow is December 1st! I have a busy few weeks coming but it is mostly Christmasy fun, so I love it!
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I am back from California and I am tired. I decided to fly a red eye and go directly to work yesterday to get the most out of my time...and between tying to sleep on a turbulent flight + the time change, it was EXHAUSTING! It was worth it though! E and I had a BLAST in California visiting with his younger bro, aunt, uncle, and cousins. Look forward to some recaps soon!

Thanksgiving Afternoon

The Victoria Secret fashion show! I slept over my parent's house last night since E isn't home from California yet {and I am a wimp}and my mom couldn't fathom why I would be interested in watching it! But, um, hello, motivation, haha! Damn, those girls are in shape! Also, I love all the crazy outfits and to decide who I wish I looked like and who I think looks a little too skinny which is pretty gross.

hot/jealous of:

too skinny:

This weekend I am looking forward to putting up our decorations and getting our tree! I also want to go shopping to START (yikes!) my Christmas shopping and to begin working on our wedding registry too!

Now if I can just get done with this work week.....


  1. I felt so gross after watching that show last night. They are gorgeous though!
    And I'm the same way when my husband goes out of town. I spend the night at my parent's.

  2. I hate red-eyes. I always feel so disoriented, even if I am able to sleep on the plane. I don't live close enough to my family to be able to sleep there if Rob's out of town...however sometimes they humor me and come up to visit! :)

  3. I didn't have the guts to watch it. I knew I'd be feeling bad about myself! They're so skinny!

  4. Uhg- I didn't watch the show b/c I knew I would just be seething with envy. I told my husband the other night that 2012 was "Mission Get Skinny and Fit!" He politely said, "Uh- honey... Wasn't 2011 "Mission Get Skinny and Fit?" All I could do was laugh! Oh well... xoxo Brooke