Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekend Fall Fun!

This weekend we went apple picking! It was a lot of fun!

We went to a different apple orchard than the one we usually go to, it was about an hr away....E tried to tell me that we were picking Johnny Appleseed's apples, but despite that he was born nearby to where we were, he apparently planted his apple trees in Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana.

On the way though we saw a sign for a winery on the highway, so naturally we had to stop!! We got 5 tastings and a free wine glass for $4, love it! We bought strawberry dessert wine and it was delish.

At the apple orchard I only managed to take one pic! Whoops, musta been the wine tastings! We got LOTS of apples though.... and then the MUST HAVE after picking treat Cider Donuts and Hot Apple Cider!! SO GOOD.
{E reaching high!}

{Might have to try to make my own sometime with this pinterest find!}

How great is Fall?!?!

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