Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wedding 101

I have been officially been engaged for about two and half weeks and the planning has begun!

I'm hoping to blog about wedding ideas/plans/thoughts maybe once a week or so. I don't want to inundate you guys with wedding planning.... but I do want to remember this time and also who is better than all of you for advice about the lots of decisions I am going to need to be making, so I hope you don't mind! (Side note: I think I am the world's WORST decision maker. I second guess EVERYTHING!!)

I love reading over the past wedding posts of all y'all who have already gotten married because it helps my planning A LOT! Does anyone know of any great wedding websites other than the obvious ones??

I just want to try to not get overwhelmed and to enjoy these next 289 days (according to the the good old!)

I found a looooong TO DO list and while it stressed me out by being so long, I liked how it was organized into what month I needed to accomplish things in. Also, it REALLY excited me to already cross a few things off the list. I love crossing things off lists, it feels so good!!

Here are my accomplishments thus far!
Mid October 2011
·                     Congratulations, you're engaged!  Announce your engagement to family and friends.  Consider making the announcement in local newspapers.
·                     Having an engagement party?  Set a date, choose a location, create a guest list, and mail invitations.  We had a great mini engagement party on 10/15/11!
·                     Determine a time frame for your wedding date.  Narrow down your wedding date to a few weekends that don't conflict with other family events.  We're getting married on August 11, 2012!!!
·                     Search for a reception venue.  We went to see one place last Saturday. We have been doing research online but I have a feeling that is going to become THE place because our date is available and it fits our budget! Yay! 
·                     Choose a color scheme for your big day.  Turquoise/Tangerine. I've been looking at inspiration boards for those colors for awhile.... and I love it!! It reminds me of the ocean/sunrise/sunset.

Wedding Inspiration

Picnik collage
Book your reception venue.  Record deposits and payments in your Budget Tool. Our date is being held!! Just need to pay the deposit and sign the contract next week!

that felt good.

Also, still waiting for my Erin Condren planner to arrive...... eeeeek I can't wait!!!


  1. You sounds so excited, yay!

    Here is my advice to you: Do what YOU want. It's your wedding! If you have a crazy idea and people try to talk it down do it anyway. It's not their wedding, it's yours.

    And have fun!

  2. You are a planning rockstar! I used the knot a lot for my timeline. I loved Style Me Pretty and I wish that Pinterest would've existed!! Martha Stewart has some great things on her website, also! :)

  3. How exciting!!!! I think you should post tons of wedding stuff! I love it! Have you got on Pinterest? There's tons of wedding stuff on there.