Tuesday, October 11, 2011

big ENGAGING news!!!!!

My weekend was amazing and quite surprising......
E and I are ENGAGED!!!! 
I am soooo excited and was sooooo surprised!!!

As I mentioned last week, we went away to Cape Cod this weekend with a few friends. On Friday night we hit lots of traffic on the way and got down their really late. Our friends were already there when we got there so we had some wine and hung out and then went to bed really late. Before we went to bed E asked me if I wanted to wake up before everyone else at sunrise and walk to the beach (about a 10 minute walk from where we were staying) to watch it. My response was, "Ummm, that early?!?! NOT REALLY!" Then E said, "Ok, maybe a bit after sunrise???" I told him to just wake me up when he woke up and I'd probably be down for it! So on Saturday morning (10/8), E woke me up at 6:45 AM and lucky for him, I agreed to go for a walk. It was really a beautiful time of day. We got to the beach and walked down it talking about whatever and I started to collect rocks, write in the sand, and tried to put my feet in the water. Then, next thing I knew I turned around and there was E pulling a red box out of his pocket and kneeling on one knee. He said a bunch of romantical things and popped the question, I was in shock and I said "Seriously? Are you kidding????  Really??? Seriously???" then said "YESS!!" and started crying!

{The beach- Coast Guard Beach, Truro, MA}

I was expecting it to be in the NEAR future... since we have been dating for seven years, but I was expecting it to be more near Christmas or so, and so I was very surprised!! When we walked back, it turns out that all the friends who were with us knew it was going to happen, and had a champagne toast ready for us when we go back!

The beach was GEORGEOUS! I love Cape Cod and it was very romantic and sweet. I will remember it forever... and in hindsight E did seem a little nervous/weird on the beginning part of the walk! Also, apparently, he asked my Dad for his permission back in May and my Dad teared up. So sweeet!! The ring is GORG too, really sparkly in person, and exactly the style I love!

Sooooo, that's the exciting news!! I can't wait to share my plans with you all in the coming months!!

Ohhh and unfortunately since it was so unsuspected and SUPER early in the morning we didn't take any pictures of ourselves (not prepared in makeup/pretty clothes)!! But I am sure we will have a lot of pics to share soon!! :)

Although here is one picture of us later in the day when we visited a winery! 
(Please excuse my hair, for some reason I forgot to pack my hairgel!!)


  1. Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Wedding planning can be so much fun! :)