Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

 It's that time of the week again....

1. I got a new car!! Well, it's a used car, but I am not too big on getting brand new cars. I HATE car payments! I got a Subaru Forester... which is kinda shocking because I also usually not a big fan of Subarus.... but it is AWD and it is bigger than my car now and it tells me the outdoor tempurature. Clearly a selling point right there!! (But I can't pick up until Thursday or maybe even Monday, boooo!!)

{it looks mostly like this except it is green!}

2. I'm going out for Mexican tonight with my mom and sis!! Yummmm. I am OBSESSED with Mexican food.
{chimichunga = BEST!!}

3. I want NEED this shirt. When I walked into Express the other day E laughed at my because I said, "Ooooh, sparkles!"

4. We bought plane tix to go to CALIFORNIA for Thanksgiving this year. E and I lived their for a while about 4 years ago and now E's younger brother moved to the same town we lived in! We are super excited to go visit him/see all of our old stomping grounds. Mostly there are about 85 million restaurants that we love that we need to go to, and the Sunday morning Farmer's Market that has the best crepes in the world, and also go to the town Half Moon Bay because it might be one of my favorite towns in the country. Clearly, I am just a little excited!!!
  {here we are the day we arrived in Cali in 9/06!!}
ps: please disregard are disheveled appearance, haha, we had been in that truck for 12 days straight. 
pps: don't ya think our old red pickup truck was sweet???... yeaaahh not so much, but it did the trick!

5. Wow, lots of good stuff this week!! That is good in itself! :)

Have a great day, ladies!! :)


  1. i'm pretty much obsessed with Mexican food too!! :)

  2. Express is always the way to go for sparkles! Cute outfit!