Friday, September 23, 2011

Searches Answered.... Kinda!

Today when I was working bored.... I decided to look over the search terms that have recently led people to my blog:

Here is a breakdown of some of the better searches in my opinion!

sparkle uggs.... uggs are comfy, and even better looking with a sparkle.
alcohol drinks with watermelon and mango.... together? I don't know any, but i like what you're thinking!
andy the armadillo.... hmmm???
baby glitter toms... i like your style because I heart glittery baby toms!
cute girls recipe swap invitations... is this three different searches or one? are you looking for cute girls? recipe swaps? or invitations? or do you want to invite cute girls over for a recipe swap? I'm confused.
dixie bell designs.... welcome, you are in the right place : )
fall teal and orange country wedding colors... that is a mouthful! I want to someday have a turquoise and tangerine beach-y wedding though. close!
fudgie the whale for president..... great idea! I do love me some fudgie the whale!

 But you really buy him here.

i love sparkles.... me too. I am noticing a theme here: sparkles, glitter, and fudgie the whale. what else do you need in life??

TGIF!! Have a great weekend!


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