Monday, September 19, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
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1. This weekend we celebrated E's 27th birthday! We had a blast. On Saturday we went out to lunch with his parents and then found the best grocery store. ever. It's called Fresh Market and some of you may have heard of it because I was just on the website and noticed that it is a chain, mostly in the South. It was like a mini Whole Foods with half the prices. I could have stayed in there all day. We got some coffee (more on that in a minute), a cake for birthday dessert, a few honey crisp apples the size of my head {scary}, and some petit fours (for more dessert). YUM!!

{Birthday Cake}

At night we met up with some friends and went to the restaurant Yard House. I think it is a newish chain and they have a great selection of cocktails, beer, and food! The best part though is that they have a whole section of vegetarian choices (if you didn't know..... E has been a vegetarian for his entire life and I am a flexitarian, I don't eat meat very often at all) so clearly that excited us! We got Buffalo "Chicken" Wings. SOOO GOOD! I can't wait to go back! We also had WAY too much cinnamon sugar rimmed pumpkin beer!

{cinnamon sugar rimmed glasses}

Oh one more thing, REALLY good customer service. In addition to the wings, we ordered guacamole and barely noticed that is was taking a while. The manager came out and told us that our guacamole should have taken 5 minutes and it was going on 22... so she decided to take all of the food off of our bill... despite that we weren't even upset! That was a nice perk! :) We still tipped on the original amount though!

Check it out if you have one in your area!

After hanging out there for a while we went back to our friends' house and pretty much laughed until our stomachs hurt. I love good friends! :) And I am so happy that E had such a great bday!

2. At the most amazing grocery store ever.... I got this CHOCOLATE CRANBERRY coffee. They were giving away samples in the store and after I tried it I just had to have it. It tasted heavenly.

{best coffee!!!}

3. I have calmed down slightly from this post. I just need to remember to breathe and take everything one step at a time!

4. How cute is this Fall Bucket List?? I need to print out a copy for myself.

I think that is all for now! Have a great week, ladies!

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