Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Today is my niece Shelby's SWEET SIXTEEN BIRTHDAY!!!

{Shelby when she was visiting a few weeks ago!}

I don't know where time goes because to me it feels like she should still be three... not driving a car (scary!)

She lives all the way in Michigan... which I hateeee.... but we have a great time when we do get together!!

A funny story about Shelby when she was three is that she got a new baby doll and wanted the help of her 15 year old ever so clever aunt... ME, to name it. She didn't like any of the names I chose... until finally exasperated I said "How about Billy Bob?!?" She loved it and the name stuck! Haha.... She was a feisty three year old (yes, we occasionally had to put her on the human leash)

{Billy Bob...still alive and kicking. just not played with much anymore!}

These days though she is growing into a confident, strong-willed, kind, and beautiful young lady and I love those traits in her because she knows what she wants and she tells it like it is! <3
Happy Birthday, Shelby! I love you!

In other news, I got a new  new-to-me car! I'll tell you more about it tomorrow!