Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh baby....

I {apparently} took a little bit of a blogging hiatus....

I've been enjoying summer to the FULLEST and have been SO busy running here there and everywhere!! My 75 yr old landlord said "my, my you are a busy woman!" the other day after she saw me run inside from the gym all sweaty then saw me all fresh, cleaned, showered, and in a dress for my cousin's baby shower.... all within 10 minutes. I love being busy though, so it is all good.

...and so the hiatus may continue, but there is something I want to write about today.

I've told you that my cousin is having a baby girl in the next couple of weeks, right? I am SOOO excited, the last "new addition" my family has had in a while was my niece, and she is 10! I can't wait to finally meet my new first cousin once-removed? (I think)

All the baby talk has got me into my own little "nesting mode" and even though me having children is probably a couple years off (might wanna, um, start with a wedding first, haha) I have started a pinterest board and am listing ideas for my future little bebe.

When the time DOES come around..... I really DON'T want to find out what I am having... even though I know it makes planning/gifts a little difficult. There are not many true surprises you get in life!

In Babies R' Us the other night I noticed that barely ANYTHING they had was what I'd called "gender neutral".... it was all very pink or very blue. I will most definitely want to have the nursery all finished by the time my baby is born... so I started to scour Pinterest for ideas. Here are some of my faves:

I like these gender neutral nurseries. The first one is my favorite!! The last one is a tad boyish to me but you could always add some girly accessories!!

Source: via Dixie on Pinterest

I think it would be really fun to make a quilt or bedding set for my baby as well... it would definitely be original! Here are some ideas for gender neutral colors:

Pretty Colors

Love these bright colors
Source: via Dixie on Pinterest

And lastly.... I already know I want to have a yellow rubby ducky themed baby shower!!
Source: via Dixie on Pinterest

What did you/are you planning to do when you have a baby? Find out or not? And why?
What are your favorite gender neutral color combinations??

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  1. All you need to do is throw in some pink for the first one not to look so boy