Monday, May 16, 2011

Miscellany Monday

*How was your weekend? Mine was laid back, but fun. On Friday, E and I went out to get some Chinese food then went to my nephew’s little league game. IT. WAS. FREEZING. On Saturday we went to our fave bagel shop, went to the mall for some summer clothes shopping, went to jump on my nephew and niece’s new trampoline for a while (SO MUCH FUN!), then had some friends over at night for some takeout and hockey (go bruins!). Sometimes laid back weekends are needed… especially when I have no free Saturdays from now until July 2nd… no joke!

*I don’t know what to do about my giveaway. Since we all know that blogger decided to go a little cray cray last week and took away all but four of the entries. Um, yeah, thanks blogger, thanks. I’m thinking about what to do about that, but if you entered please leave a comment on this post, just leave one comment (and even if you didn’t, enter now!). If you didn’t know I am hosting a giveaway in honor of my birthday, which was last week with a surprise package of a few of my favorite things! I’ll figure it out in the meantime! AND SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE!!

*My niece (who is forced to go to WAY too many of her big bro’s baseball games) entertained herself with my phone, while we were at the baseball game. What a goof.

*10 days until I go to Florida. WOOHOO… because here is the 5 day forecast in my neck of the woods… awesome right? I'm DONE with it, ewww. I’m hoping Mother Nature is just holding out on Spring for us so we can have an AWESOME summer! Probably, right?? : /
*Hope you all have a lovely week!!
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