Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Wednesday already, ay ay ay!!

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Today I am LOVING:

-That I survived the hour long presentation I had to do for my coworkers at work today and that it is OVER. I am a teacher so they looove to have us have "professional development" and teach each other when possible. I made a presentation about Number Sense and RTI Math Intervention ideas. Basically, I could talk to large groups of kids all day long but it freaks me out a bit to talk to large groups of adults. It went well though! I got past my nerves and rocked it... and won them over by bringing chocolate, which helped too! :) Haha Good stuff to get outta your comfort once in a while (ideally daily, but that can be a bit tough!)

-The IOC approved Women's Ski Jumping as an event in the 2014 Sochi Olympic games. I am a little bit of an Olympics nerd, I don't know why. BUT YAY for EQUALITY!! I mean how unfair is it that it has only ever been a Men's event, there are a lot of women who ski jump who should have just as many opportunities as men to shine!!! (ps looks to me like the scariest sport EVER but if you wanna do it more power to you and you should have the right to!)

-All Recipes I am addicted to this site. I made an account and now I just look at millions of recipes and put them all into my virtual recipe box. Then when I am looking for a recipe, that is the first place I go. They also have a mealplanner now that I haven't looked at much, but I should!

-These shoes from Old Navy... I NEED them! So cute for spring!

-Captain Crunch cereal.... haha so not healthy, but so delish. I don't follow Weight Watchers exactly but I do pay attention to the "points" once in a while and I find it pretty funny that Capt Crunch and Cheerios have the same amount of points?? I just find that odd... so clearly I went with the healthiest choice ;)


  1. hah I used to looooove Cap'n Crunch! I'll have to go get some now!

  2. cute old navy shoes! I need to get some of those :)

  3. Thanks for playing along!

    Those shoes are SO cute! I haven't had Cap'n Crunch in forever...yum!