Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wedding Must Haves!

In honor of that little wedding that you might have heard about that is happening today, Danielle over at Breakfast at Toast is hosting a blog crawl that I thought it would be fun to participate in!


I have to admit.... I am one of those girls. I'm not married and I have yet to be asked but I began planning my wedding years ago by compiling ideas here and there (although E and I have been dating for SEVEN years, it's gotta be happening sometime soon...hint hint...) I tell E all about my future wedding and then we joke and I tell him that I can plan whatever I want without consulting him because how does he know he is even going to be the groom?? I kid. I tell him things like, "I can't go to Italy in 2012, that's the year of my wedding! I need all the time/money I can get for my honeymoon." And he say's, "oooh it is, reaaally"

My Wedding Must Haves:
I want a nautical wedding with the colors being turquoise and tangerine. I love how those colors remind me of summer and really POP against eachother. Here are some photos for inspiration:

Picnik collage

At a wedding I went to a few years ago, they used an idea that I want to steal for my own wedding. Instead of heaving boring old table numbers the couple named their tables using places that were important in their relationship. For example Boyfriend and I could name a table Rome because we vacationed there or University of Mass because that is where we met! Then on the tables as part of the centerpiece they had a frame that had a photo and explanation of why that place was important to them. I think it is a cute idea for all the wedding attendees to learn more about you as a couple!

I'm not really a fan of destination weddings for two reasons.
1. In most cases, or atleast mine, I have a HUGE family and I know they couldn't all make it. I want my fam, all of them, at my wedding.
2. Mother in law/Mother, basically on your honey moon with you??? They are both lovely women, but NO. THANKS. I don't think I want to get married in a church, so an outdoor location would be lovely to me.

Wedding Locale

Mostly I want my wedding to be FUN. I want as much friends and family there as possible to have a great time!
Here are some photos of my cousins weddings two summers ago. We all had a blast dancing the night away!


Thanks for stopping by! Happy Royal Wedding Day!

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  1. i love all the bright colors!! im hoping to have my ceremony outdoors... hope the weather cooperates next summer! fantastic ideas! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams