Friday, April 29, 2011

Congrats Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

Did the royal wedding make you swoon this morning?? It made me....

Kate looked stunning, William handsome, and all the camaraderie loved it! I love the hats, fancy dresses, and the horse drawn carriages.

I told some of my 5th grade girls that I might have to jet off to London while Harry is still available. That made them giggle. They they told me that they think that Prince Harry is going to marry Kate's sister. : ( Totally untrue, but funny!

Then I told some of my 4th graders my "royal name" after another teacher was wearing a daisy headband for his "wedding day hat" and calling himself "Lord Daisy." They wanted to call me "Lady Daisy" but I told them I wasn't married to him and my proper royal name was "Lady Dorothy Muppet Gee!" They all thought I was crazy, but I like to make them laugh occasionally. I came up with that by doing one of those silly things... your royal name = lady or lord, a name of a grandparent, your first pet's name, and the street you grew up on. So ridiculous.... but we got some silly ones.

Did you watch the wedding covergae/What is your royal name??

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