Friday, March 25, 2011


What I'm LOVING Wednesday, yay. (PS don't know why I haven't blogged in more than a week, and am sooo behind on blog reading, but I vow to change that!)

One thing I CANNOT say I love this week is the weather. It is still FREEZING in New England. Hurry up and get here already SPRING! Welllll, even if the weather is not feeling so much like Spring, I am, and that's why this week I want to share all the ways I am getting ready for my two favorites seasons, Spring and Summer. Every Spring I feel a kind of renewal, new flowers grow and leaves come back to the trees. It motivates me to spring clean and purge myself of unneeded JUNK, scrub my body clean of the icky winter dryness, get fit at the gym, and eat healthy and yummy fresh foods. So this week for What I'm Loving Wednesday I'm going to share all my favorite get fresh and start anew spring products/things!

First comes snacks, because who doesn't love refreshing snacks on warm mornings???


These frozen fruit ice snacks are all natural and preservative free. Only 60 calories per pouch. And, oh yeah, DELISH!! I got them at Whole Foods and loove to eat them for a guilt free nightime, ok ANYTIME, snack!


Smoothies are just delish and can be made in MILLIONS of ways. They can be healthy... and some not so much. But a healthy smoothie helps get in all your daily fruits and veggies and tastes great at the same time. Here are some healthy ones from Health magazine that I personally like!

On the the body....

I hate dry scaly winter skin.. so not attractive. I like tans (but NOT from tanning salons, and I wear SPF) and glowiness. I don't know about you but that's my deal. Yucky winter skin is almost unavoidable, but as soon as Spring is here I get rid of it. With these two products: 1. Sugar Scrub (plugging myself here, but it is WAY better than you can buy at a store) and 2. Albas Kukui Nut Oil to put on after you scrub yourself down in the shower. It smells JUST like summer and you will love it, I swear.


And if your skin looks good and you are eating healthy foods you should have lots of energy to working out and spending time outside. My favorite exercise lately is a yoga/pilates fusion course call PiYo 14. It is kinda a strength workout and kinda cardio because it can make ya SWEAT. It makes me feel great!

Also, speaking of outside, I LOVE being outside and will be spending my spring/summer doing this and I CAN. NOT. WAIT. Although I have to buy myself a board first. Soon, friends, soon.


PS: Go to Jamie's blog and tell us what YOU are loving this week!


  1. What great things you are loving today! I hope that you had a great Wednesday!

  2. one day I want to try the paddle surfing.
    I am so ready for spring too.