Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Recap!

How was your weekend???

Mine was GREAT! LOTS to celebrate.

Here's the lowdowwwn:

Saturday morning I tried my first Spin class at the gym! I really liked it! I usually just do my own thing at the gym or do yoga, but one of my friend's convinced me to try it. I loved having someone tell me what to do! And the music and the lighting! I can't wait to go again...

On Saturday night, we went out to a new brewing company that opened in my town to celebrate my cousin's 29th birthday! Lots of cousins and friends came... and then my cousin announced some even bigger news than the fact that she is turning 29, SHE'S PREGNANT! I am so very excited! Although I have about 15 cousins, she is the cousin that is closest to my age. We went to college together and lived together for a bit of it. I was also the maid of honor in her wedding two summers ago. I am so happy for her and CAN'T wait to meet her little addition in August (and to plan her shower of course!) :)

After dinner and drinks (for all of the non prego of us) we came back to my house for cupcakes and games. I made White Chocolate Strawberry Cupcakes... refer to here to find the recipe. Mine didn't come out NEARLY as pretty as those, boooo :( but they did taste great! :) We also played the Game of Things... if you haven't played this you have to go out to buy it ! It is so funny! It hardly has a scoring aspect but it is great for large groups. Basically you have to anonymously write down your answer to a question like "Things that are dirty...." Then the "reader" reads them all out loud and you have to guess who wrote what. I never laughed so hard!

On Sunday I went to a little friend of mine's hockey game. He's 5. It was adorable and he rocked and scored three goals! At night I went to my sister's house for a Super Bowl party. I like the commercials, half time show, and yummy food. The football not so much. Everyone thought the Black Eyed Peas did bad, but I liked it! What do you all think???

I went to bed too late on Sunday night, but work wasn't too bad today, and now I get to relax! Anyone want to put in a wager of if I'll work a full week with no snow??? Hahaa

I also got my Valentine's Day Swap package today and I LOVE everything I got!! I'll take pics and can't wait to show you tomorrow!

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  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend! Congrats to your cousin!

    I love, love, love group games like that. Apples to Apples is my favorite to play but that one sounds like a blast as well! :)