Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Meet the Teacher


My name is Stacy! I am 27 years old. I live in coastal Massachusetts with my boyfriend, Eliot, and our dog. We have been dating for almost 7 years which is absolutely CRAZY to me. It just really doesn't feel like it has been that long. I suppose that is a good thing though, right?? We met when we were both going to UMASS- Amherst when I was 20 and Eliot was 19. He was my best guy friend's roommate, so that worked out good for me! :)

After college, we wanted to try something new so we moved out to California. It was amazing. We missed our friends and fam though, so we moved back to Massachusetts after about a year. We had a great time, but I think it was a good decision because I really love being able to be near our families!

As for family, I am the youngest of three. I have one brother and one sister. I am waaay the youngest though because my sister is 8 years older than me and my brothers is 11. I think I was an accident but I can't get my parents to admit it! Haha. I have two nephews and two nieces. I also have a big, crazy extended fam of cousins, aunts, and uncles who I love a lot!
I began teaching in California as a SPED paraprofessional. I worked in a school that was 96% Hispanic which was a great experience because it was VERY different from the school I group up going to. After that I taught fifth grade. For the past three years I have worked with 1st through 5th grade students as a Math teacher. I really love my job and the being to work with kids of all different ages throughout the day. I can't really choose a favorite grade level because they all make my laugh and make my days interesting. I love to see the different developmental stages kids go though as they progress through elementary school. My other college major was psychology... can ya tell?? ;)

When I am not teaching I love to be outside. I love skiing in the winter and kayaking or beaching in the summer. I love the beach. I also love crafting and have an etsy store at! Check it out! I have an obsession with planning... even things like my future wedding (despite that I haven't been asked yet.... haha). I drink iced coffee everyday, even if it is -4 degrees. I like the colors teal and pink. Traveling is amazing because I love to see/try/do new thing! I try to always be smiling and try to look on the bright side of situations.

Anything else you'd like to know??? Just ask!

Now for the Q & A

Q: What would you be doing if you weren’t a teacher?

If I wasn't a teacher I would probably own an italian inspired coffee shop/deli. I would have delicious sandwiches, coffee, GELATO!!, and encourage people to sit down and stay awhile. I think I would have little tables and chalkboard walls to entertain the kiddos who came in. See, I still have to get my kid fix in there somewhere!

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: I have lots of interests which = a lot of hobbies! I love crafting, photography, kayaking, skiing, anything outside, TRAVEL, shopping for bargains!, reading, movies, blogging (of course!), running

Q: When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A: A teacher! I really can't remember a time I didn't want to be a teacher, so I just made it happen! :)

Q: What are your guilty pleasures?

A: Bad TV (Jersey Shore, Teen Mom 2, Toddlers and Tiaras), anything chocolate, ICED COFFEE, sleeping....

Q: What is your biggest fear?!

A: Change, I just don't do well with changes.

Q: When you’re on vacation, where do you like to go?

A: ANYWHERE! I looove traveling and trying and seeing new and different things. I like going to foreign countries to experience other cultures. I still need to see the Northwest and Southwest of the US too because those are the areas I haven't been to!

Q: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

A: BE YOURSELF! Try new things. Don't worry what others think!

Q: What do you value most in others?

A: Honesty and kindness! People who are kind are sooo much more pleasant to be around!

Q: If you could choose one of your personality traits to pass down to your kids, what would it be?

A: My resourcefulness.... I do most of the "fixing" in the house. That may not be a personality trait perse, but it would be nice. Also, my "glass is half full" mentality.

Q: If you could have lunch with anyone in the world….living or dead…who would it be?
A: Julia Mancuso , Olmpic ski racer! She has a great attitude and is a great athlete! Love her.

Now tell us one random thing about yourself:

I can't get anything done until the area around me is clean and organized. I TRY to keep my desk at school organized so I can actually get stuff done, otherwise, I have to waste time cleaning!

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  1. Wow! I totally feel like I know you now. :) I'm not sure I could handle being on an entirely different coast than my family either.