Thursday, January 27, 2011


Holy snooooow!

I had a snow day AGAIN today. That makes 4 days in 3 weeks. I liked the first couple but now it's getting a bit ridiculous. I don't knowif it is like this in other parts of the country, but in New England you have to MAKE UP all the snow days you have in June.... which means I'd rather be working now rather than missing out on precious beach days. I DON'T want to be working until the 4th of July, also, New England schools, or atleast mine, = NO AIR CONDITIONING! :(

It has turned out to be a sunny, pretty warm day around here though, as you can see from my backyard:

snow, snow, and more snow....but i see the sun! :)

ps see that house and see those wrapped up trees.... i really hate that house and those trees!

Happy almost Friday, y'all!

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