Monday, December 6, 2010

Random Thoughts

Jumbled thoughts:

1. I hit up the Kittery, Maine outlet stores yesterday with my mom, sis, aunt, and cousin. Oh how I love that place... so many deals. I bought mostly presents though and almost nothing for myself. Success... but I need to go back soon!

2. These cookies are cute. Why do mine never come out like this??

3. For the past few years I have started a tradition where I make a christmas gift to give to each of my 7 girl cousins, 3 female aunts, mom, sister, and niece. Two years ago I made a slide show and converted some funny home videos into a DVD. It was pretty sweeeet. Last year I made everyone a key fob and also boyfriend and I made homemade lemoncello. This year it is 18 days before Christmas and I got nothing...aaaaahhhhhh. It's starting to stress me out!!! Any ideas? Handmade? Girly? Semi easy? I NEED HELP!

4. I bought Juno a little Christmas sweater. I finally got it on her and now I need to try to get her picture when she is NOT trying to lick the lens. I hope I succeed soon so I can show you our Christmas cards!

5. 13 days of school before vacation! Wahoo!

6. Did I tell you I am moving on January 1? Just across town. I am nervous/excited though!

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