Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hide the Pickle

Christmas Traditions:

Have I told you about the pickle game?? Well, I have to because it is a fun and funny tradition.

The purpose of the game is to hide an ornament in the shape of a pickle from your children in the boughs of your decorated christmas tree. The children search for it and it is said that the winner will receive an extra little gift from jolly old St. Nicholas. SUPPOSEDLY, the tradition started in Germany, although it is questionable whether there is any truth to that or if it is just a myth. I am not sure who I believe, but either way it is funny. You can read more about the debate HERE.

When I began dating Boyfriend (almost 7 years ago, wowwwww!!) I learned that his parents followed this tradition with he and his brother and I had never heard of it at the time. Except that I thought it was funny that they played "hide the pickle." My family think it's pretty funny too and my ENTIRE family likes to ask boyfriend on Christmas, " Who found the pickle????"

A few years ago, Boyfriend and I started to carry on the tradition with my niece and nephew and will probably continue it with our own kids some day. The rules are that they cannot touch the tree, and of course, instead of Santa Claus, we give the winner a gift bag with some money and some candy. This year we gave the loser a piece of coal (which happened to be chocolate!).

It is fun and my niece and nephew love it.

This year's winner was my niece (which I am secretly kind of happy about because her big bro usually dominates her in lots of activities.)

So, that's the tradition of hiding the pickle....
Does anyone else do this oe have any other funny traditions???

PS: I'm finally on vacation and I am SO excited!


  1. Too funny!!!

    Thank you for telling me this story. I was shopping with my mom last week and she said "You know your suppose o have a pickle ornament on your tree. I think we need to find one" I said NO and WHY...she didn't know but said we just needed one, LOL!! God love her:)

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I've never heard of that but when I read the title of your post, I started laughing. Definitely not what I was thinking. What a fun tradition, though. Hope you have a great Christmas!