Sunday, November 14, 2010

Scattered Sunday Thoughts!

*Did you have a nice sunny weekend like we did here in New England?? I had a great weekend! I met someone who made me a little starstruck! Can you guess who??? I'll tell you all about it tomorrow with some pics! Also, I babysat my nephew and niece overnight. It was nice to spend some time with them! Tomorrow = a full recap!

*Esty news: Become a fan of Dixie Bell Designs on Facebook, Twitter, or Blogger until December 1st and get 30% off! Sound good??? I think so!

*Exciting and a little bit scary news... Boyfriend and I might be moving to a new apartment. We LOVE where we live now, and have more space than we need, but things are changing a bit at this apartment and we think it will be good to find a new place. It is kinda moving REAL fast but we looked at an apartment today, and liked it. It is smaller than what we have now but has an AMAZING view of the water and they accept doggies! It is an apartment in an older house, but it kind of funky old and not ugly old fashioned old. Does that make sense?? Overall though, change stresses me out...... ay ay ay!

*Nautical by Nature is hosting a giveaway... you should check it out here.
*I'm watching Meet the Parents right now. Love this movie!

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