Thursday, October 28, 2010

Haunted Happenings in Salem!

I had a *GREAT* weekend! How was yours??
wow, it has taken me until thursday to tell you about it though, jeesh, i'm slooow

On Saturday, if you couldn't guess it from my previous post, some friends and I went out for some Halloween fun in Salem!

Seeing as I have lived about a 1/2 an hour from there for oh-i-don't-know myentirelife, I am surprised I have really not spent much "Halloween" time there, so we decided we needed to remedy that! I find it pretty interesting though that a town can become a famous Halloween town all for supposed witchcraft and people just deciding to take the lives of innocent girls... even though it was so long ago, it is still sad!

Anyway it is full of history, so boyfriend and a few of our friends headed in and decided to just see what we found to do!

We started out at Salem Beer Works where we got some very yummy food and drinks. We actually sat outside (= crazy) because it was REALLY packed and we didn't want to wait that long. At first it wasn't cold because the sun was still out, but by the end my friend M and I had our mittens on. To eat, I had the pumpkin ale and a portabello mushroom sandwich. It had goat cheese on it. Lately, I have been obsessed with all things goat cheese, it's strange.

perusing the menus

One of our other friends T ordered nachos and the waitress was like "Are you sure?? Because the nachos feed 5-6 people." which made my friend T reply, "Ok, I'll share them with him then!" So boyfriend and T proceeded to finish a plate of nachos meant for five... and we all that that was pretty funny.

friends getting chilly at dinner....

boyfriend and i

When we left there we headed to Frankenstein's Labratory Haunted House. While we were waiting in line a girl came out absolutely screaming. I was scaaaared. I usually try to avoid scary things... I don't like scary movies, I keep the tv on so I don't hear weird sounds when I am home alone, and I always bolt into my house when I get home too late and it's super dark. Wimp much?? The haunted house, however, turned about to be not-so-scary. It might be because we were right behind another group so nothing jumped out at us!

A, Boyfriend, and M


After we left there, we headed to the little carnival they had set up. We rode the pirate ship. I usually LOVE the pirate ship but it made me feel a little sick and dizzy probably because of the excessive food and beer in my tummy! A was too afraid to go on the pirate ship (= wimp number 2) so he convinced T to go on a kiddy tug boat ride with him. The carnival worker thought they were insane, but the ride actually looked pretty fun!

A and T on the tug boat!

Lastly, we went to a psychic fair. We opted not to stand in the really long line to get our palms read, but it was pretty fun to walk around. A bunch of practicing Wiccans(?) (Is that a word??) had some tables set up with all there "materials." Now let me just say, I am all for allowing people to think what they want to think and believing what you want to believe but I must say I found it kind of funny when I overheard this conversation:
Wiccan 1: "These herbs help get rid of evil... oops, I'm not supposed to say that word.....I meant to say these get rid of unwanted things." Wiccan 2: "Ohhh I knowww there are just so many words you can't say!!" Hmmmm. Interestingggg.

After that we said good-bye to this guy and called it a night!

It was so much fun!

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  1. Oh, I love Halloween!! Looks like a very fun place to visit.

    Thanks for grabbing my holiday button:)