Monday, October 4, 2010

Boston Historic Pub Crawl!

How was your weekend? Mine was LOTS of fun.
On Saturday night some friends and I decided to go into Boston to hit up some of thy city’s historic bars in a bar crawl fashion. We had tons of fun!
We took the train in which is always convenient, it only takes about 30 minutes! We started by having dinner and drinks at Blackstone Grill. Not so historical but yummy food nonetheless. I got quesadillas and a couple of Blue Moons to drink.

Then we hit up the bars. We went to the Union Oyster House, The Green Dragon, The Point, and The Fours. We wanted to also go to Bell in Hand but the while the train is convenient it doesn’t run late enough!
pretty girls!

the boys look like they're not having fun at all, but they were, I promise, haha!(i like how that old man in the back looks like part of the crew)

We decided that the Green Dragon and the Fours were our favorite because they both were roomy and had a good clientele. The Point was cramped and had lots of 21 year-olds (which is fine, but we are kinda past that kind of frat boy partying :( sadly!) The Union Oyster House was cool, but a litle too on the touristy side for us.... considering we are all born and bred New Englanders. If you all visit though, you might feel you are getting an authentic New England experience, but we just slightly disagree. The Green Dragon is considered the "head quarters f the American Revolution" and was frequented by the Sons of Liberty. The Boston Tea Party was planned there and Paul Revere was sent from there to Lexington on his famous ride. Just imagining that is pretty cool! Also we realized when we read through the history of the places that we went to America's oldest restaurant, America's oldest tavern, and America's favorite sports bar (according to Sports Illustrated) all in one night!to Sports Illustrated) all in one night!

Like I said we had a blast! Lots of laugh and good conversation. If you ever come to Boston I highly recommend doing a similar thing. The one thing I would suggest is to add on the bar The Black Rose because it really is pretty Irish and that history cool. They have good lunch there and they have a band playing Irish music almost all the time!

sorry for the blurry pic, but shout out to my alma mater in one of the bars!

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