Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just a few things:

I got a new little job! It is only for a 1/2 per day, haha! HUGE PERK though, along with it I get a free membership to the Y! Which is PERFECT for me because I like working out outside so I usually can't justify paying for a gym membership, but I also can't justify working out when it is FREEZING out!

I'm exciiiited.

Now I need to think of ways to get myself there everyday! How do you all stay motivated going to the gym?? I do enjoy working out but I am usually just a run outside or do yoga at the beach kinda girl... not really the indoor type, but I have GOT to take advantage. Ideas anyone??

In other news, THE DESIGN GIRL, is having a huge fantastic amount of giveaways on her blog for her birthday. You should seriously go check it out. I never win blog giveaways, but if I ever did her giveaways are FANTASTIC, so you gotta try, right! GO!

It feels like FALL today. Ugh.

I did buy a new Fallish (technical term for almost fall) outfits at Forever 21 last night, and god that store stresses me out. It's so big with so much stuff. I thought I was lost at one point. It was interesting. I bought a new fall outfit though and some earrings and a headband. I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I will post pictures if I can find some on their website... although I swear they don't even stock the same things.

But for now, I'm off to WORK!

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