Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some Randoms.

If you don't remember from last winter, and even though I am mostly a summer girl, I am obsessed with all things SKI! It is still probably 3 months away from when New England will have their first snow fall (maybe... ) but I am already excited, AND it is only 3 weeks away until the FIS Audi Skiing World Cup starts, yanno, since in the Southern Hemisphere it's winter right now! Crazy! I follow the US Ski Team on Facebook and they posted this video that the US Women's Tech Team made when they were training in Chile. I loveee the imagery in the background of the video and think that overall this looks like so much fun!!

Also, this weekend I discovered the yummiest drink, EVER. Well, do you like pumpkin beer? Because liking pumpkin beer is kind of crucial for this drink.... all you have to do is pour some brown sugar into a bowl, put it on the rim of a glass, pour in the pumpkin beer, and sip. It is sooo good. It tastes like pumpkin pie to me.

Also, I NEED these Nike pants. Like really. Pink workout capris = amazingness.

Also, I decided what I am going to be for Halloween:

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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