Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Costa Rica Part Two: Monteverde and La Fortuna

During week two of Costa Rica, we spent time in more towards the north middle Costa Rica in the mountain towns of Monteverde and La Fortuna. Monteverde was in a tropical cloud forest and La Fortuna was at the base of an active volcano. La Fortuna was one of my top two places we visited. It was small(ish) but big enough for you to be able to walk around and see a lot, plus it was clean , the people were nice, and it had a big central park which was fun to relax in and people watch.

Monteverde pictures:
toucan sam.

pretty waterfall!

Boyfriend all geared up!


there I go! this is a mild one.

pretty much the superman.

Monteverde was in the mountains and was GORGEOUS! The road to get their was EXTREMELY rough, but in my opinion it was well worth the trek. Some major highlights of Monteverde were visiting the cloud forest and seeing toucans, quetzals, and sloths in the wild! We stayed at a cool hotel in Monteverde called Camino Verde B&B... whose manager became friends with us and actually partied with us one night. He was very helpful, stay there if you ever go! Also, we went ziplining in Monteverde, which might just be up there as one of my top life experiences. There were 14 ziplines and despite the fact that I am *seriously* afraid of heights and wanted to back out before I went I am SO happy I didn't. We went with the company Extremo.... and it was quite extremo. The last line was 1 km in length and you went superman style. I legitimately felt like I was flying and also went through an actual cloud. It was definitely a unique experience!

La Fortuna pictures:
arenal volcano.

dancing with our new friends!

our lovely hotel patio.

Boyfriend in the central park!

Me enjoying the hotsprings.

La Fortuna is at the base of an active volcano. It erupts almost every night. We didn't get to see any lava because it was mostly cloud covered, but we did see a plume which was a close second! We also went to hotsprings in La Fortuna, which was neat. Of course they built up all the pools, so it was more of a hot springs amusement park than a natural environment, but they had swim up bars and waterslides so... I didn't mind! :) The other things I loved about La Fortuna were just walking the streets and people watching in the park. Also, the 24 Soda La Parada is yummy!

Stay tuned for part 3: The Carribean!

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  1. How fun!! Was zip-lining as awesome as it sounds??