Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Costa Rica Part Three: Carribean Coast

Our last stop in Costa Rica was the Carribean Coast. This area of the country had a totally different vibe from the Pacific Coast. It had a more Afro-Carribean feel with lots of reggae and Rastafarian elements. It was very laid back. Our first stop was the TINY town of Cahuita and then the slightly bigger town of Puerto Viejo.

Our hotel in Cahuita was thirty feet from the ocean and was $30 a night! It was crazy!

I loved both of these places. We spent the majority of the time on the beach or exploring the beaches. We rented cruiser bikes and rode like 20 miles one day! Also, we met a couple from Holland and spent the day with them. We rented bikes again and then went to a nice open air restaurant for some paella (SO GOOD!) and sangria. At night we usually got some drinks (2 for 1 drink specials, galore!) and sat in an outdoor bar. At this point we were verrryyy relaxed, and it was awesome to just lay in a hammock, listen to the waves and read a book. We were SO relaxed that it was hard to go home! :(

Here are some of my fave pics!

bike riding in the beachy jungle.

a sloth (down from his tree for his weekly bathroom sesh, not joking)

yummy fruit pancakes.

view from our hotel room, not too shabby for 30 bucks!

cahuita national park!
love this surfboard/lifeguard stand.


I really enjoyed our time in Costa Rica, and I totally recommend it if you ever get a chance to go! The country is beautiful, the people were nice, and there are LOTS of opportunities for adventure.

Now on to plan the next trip... AND TO SAVE SOME MOOLA $$ FOR IT!! ;)

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