Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Costa Rica: Part 1: Nicoya Peninsula

In July, Boyfriend and I got extremely lucky with three simultaneous weeks free of work or school commitments. We decided it would be fun to go on a trip and headed off to Costa Rica. It was amazing! The country was beautiful and the people were incredibly welcoming and helpful. I've decided to recap my trip in three parts, one for each of the parts of the country we visited.... and because I reaaally don't think you want to see my 400+ photos! Here is Part 1:

Nicoya Peninsula, Pacific Coast

Me on the beach

The first week or so we spent between the towns of Montezuma and Mal Pais/Santa Teresa. Montezuma was a cute little village right on the water. The "town center" was tiny with two little streets of mostly restaurants and shops. Surrounding the village were hills. Our hotel was a funky little place up in the hills called the "Luna Llena" and we could see the ocean through the palms right from the patio of our room. It was extremely relaxing! We spent the first few days acclimating to the slower pace lifestyle... this really was hard! Especially when you are from New England. We are very go go go! We ate at cute restaurants, hiked to waterfalls, and explored the beaches. Also, my stomach got acclimated to the food. : / Slowly, but surely! :)

Nest we moved on to the surf towns of Mal Pais and Santa Teresa. Here there isn't so much a town as one looooong road with restaurants on it. The towns head GEORGEOUS secluded beaches and a true surf culture. We took surf lessons and had a *cute* Australian surf instructor named Ben and a Costa Rican instructor named Maritzio from the Nalu Surf School! They were awesome... and surfing is WAY harder than it looks! Also, the our instructors were saying that the waves we had that day were especially hard to learn in! I ended up standing a couple times, and boyfriend did a little better than me! It definitely isn't a sport you learn in a day though, so I would definitely like to go again someday! Other than surfing and relaxing on perfectly empty beaches we just ate, got ice cream, and roamed the streets.

Maritizio, our surf instructor! :)
Desolate beaches!


It was a blast. Surfing was definitely one of my highlights of the trip!

The food really surprised me. We didn't find much "Mexican food" like we were expecting. It was more or less rice and beans and more rice and more beans. However, there were also way more international restaurants than we were expecting and in this one town we had Italian, Thai food, and Indian!

isn't this shell sand cool??

Another interesting fact is that since they are so close to the equator they more or less have 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of darkness. For us this meant we woke up reaaaallly early then were really tired by 7 at night! It was odd. Luckily we had a tv that frequently had English marathons of Dawson's Creek on for the nights we were too tired to go out on the town!

Stay tuned for Part 2: Monteverde and La Fortuna

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