Friday, August 27, 2010

School Shopping

One of the major highlights of being a teacher, to me, is that I have never had to give up school shopping. Every September I get excited for getting new clothes and other office supplies essentials. I scour the mall and the Staples weekly flier (notebooks for 10 cents, I need 100!) like crazy to find deals and to satisfy my shopping habit. So far this week I have bought more stickers and post it notes and file folders and pens and notebooks than I could possibly even go through in a year. I think I have a problem. Now that the office supplies are out of the way I am moving on to clothes and storage. In the storage department I need a new "school bag" and a lunch bag, too.

I really want a messenger bag for my "school bag" this year. I love this purple Fossil one, but might need to find some major Macy's coupons or find a similar bag that is a little bit more in my price range... hello, Marshall's. Haha. Any suggestions?
I also need to find a new lunch bag. I want one that comes with a reuseable snack bag, too, because I hate using plastic baggies and I also hate to see how many plastic baggies kids and other adults in my building are wasting everyday! I have been looking on Etsy and have found SO MANY cute ones. Now the tough part is deciding which to choose!! What one do you all like??


or something more simple like this


Decisions, decisions.

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