Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olympics, Wanderlust, Giveaway

Lately I am obsessed with watching the much fun. It is making me want to visit Vancouver really bad too. I think I need to go on a Northwest trip from Oregon, to Washington, to Vancouver. Oooh, that would be fun! I am beginning to have mid-winter wanderlust. It happens every year around this time. I need a VACATION! Doesn't that look just amazing?

Speaking of the Olympics: I looove these two skiers. So happy they both got medals .

Lindsay V*onn


Julia Man*cuso

(loove her dress too!)

Usually I pick a favorite Olympian to "root for" in my favorite sport during each Olympics. Like during the summer Olympics in Beijing it was CLEARLY gymnastics and Shawn J*ohnson. But out of these two I just can't choose!! I think they are both amazing. Atleast they both got medals.... and there are still two more events.

In other news,
Giveaway alert:
Head over to visit thedesigngirl because she is giving away a custom blog makeover because she has 1500 followers! Her work is AMAZING. I love it! I want to get one of her designs... I just need to spend the moola. But check it out, seriously. I hope you win, well actually, I hope I win... but best of luck anyway! Hahaa

Happy Hump Day!

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