Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good news!

Sunday, today, and yesterday were rainy/sleety/slushy/snowy days.
I wore flats. Not the best idea ever. At all. I got home from work about 4 hours ago and I'm still cold!

I have a *crazy* story. Remember this post about the jacket incident?? Well, the day after I wrote that post I was at work when I noticed I had an email from a Land's End representative telling me that they wanted to help me solve my problem. I did not email them or try to contact them in anyway. Instead, they found my blog, read my post, and responded with how they could help me solve my problem. That's what I call customer service!! It seems like most companies don't even care once you bought their product what happens, but this one is different, they came to me to help me solve a problem. I am amazed.... so support them if you can. They have really great jackets, as I've said, and I love their canvas totes too!! Thank you land's end!! I am pretty sure a new warm and fuzzy down jacket is on it's way to me! : )

Have you watched Modern Family? If you haven't you must because it is SO funny and smart. I am watching it right now and it legit makes me laugh out loud! Check it ouuut!

Happy almost Thursday, everyone!! I love Thursdays.

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