Monday, January 18, 2010


You know the warm, fuzzy coat I got for Christmas?? Well, two of the five buttons fell off of it within the first week of me having it and it didn't come with any other buttons. It was a really good jacket, but really? a week? This really annoyed me. I know I could have put two new brown buttons on but it really would have bothered me that they didn't all match perfectly.

It was from Land's End, but my Mom got it from the Land's End department at Sear's. I returned it with the receipt, and since my Mom got it on sale before Christmas, I got $65 dollars back.... the problem is that they didn't have any more of the coat in a color I liked.... only mustard yellow and smurf blue, ewww.

So, I asked if we could order it from Land's End in the store. They said sure. We tried but found out that it was $129.50 on and somehow wasn't even listed on The ugly colors in store were on sale for $60. Does that make any sense to you??

I really want to buy the same jacket back... but I don't really want to pay double the price for the EXACT same thing I already had for $60. That just doesn't make sense to me.

Now I wish I just kept the same jacket and had mismatched buttons.
Because now I have no warm, fuzzy jacket. UGHHHH. Any suggestions?


  1. I used to work at Sears and they are supposed to really work with you if the item you want is out of stock, in this case it is, because they don't have the same color. I'd go back and see if you can get someone higher up to work with you on it.

  2. We are so sorry this happened. Please email us at We would love to help you with this!