Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Wish List

I have noooo idea what boyfriend, santa claus, or my parents are getting me for Christmas. This is unusual because I am usually sneaky and want clues, etc, but this year I have none. Here are a few things that are on my wish list though:

a purple and white wrap scarf from American Eagle. so comfy.
a puffer vest from the gap, but black, not navy blue

this travel backpack for our trip to Costa Rica/Panama next summer.
I REALLY, REALLY want this.
I love how it has a little front backpack that zips off for day excursions!

the victoria's secret hello, bombshell bra.

I won't get this for Christmas.... but I want it so badly. I drool over them in every store... the oh so amazing KitchenAid

and last but not least

In other news, one more day with the kiddos, then a long awaited week and a half break, woo hoooo!!

Happy Wednesday, everyone. Especially if it is your Friday!

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