Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Winner and some Bullets.

Finally, I am going to post the winner of my christmas giveaway. Sorry it took me so long, you can read more about the reason below. Thanks for entering my first giveaway everyone (and for the Christmas song ideas which are all going on my Ipod if they aren't there already!

I chose the winner for this giveaway the good ole fashioned way by writing down all your names and each entry and putting them in a hat. I made boyfriend pick a winner!

The winner is:
Angela at Sweet Tea Diaries

Congrats, Angela! I hope you enjoy your prize!
Please email me at SeashellsandSunshine1@gmail.com with your mailing address!

*This week I haven't really been around because I have had a weird ear infection in my earlobe. It was kind of behind my earring hole (? is that what you'd call it?) and was all red and swollen, which is weird because I have had pierced ears for probably 20 years with no problems. It was painful though, so I am glad the antibiotics have finally kicked in!

*I am pretty excited for Thanksgiving this week. My brother, sis and law, and niece are coming in from Michigan and I always cherish the time I get to spend with them, especially holiday time because unfortunately, it's not enough!

*I saw the movie "Precious" last weekend and although it was sad and hard to watch, I highly recommend it. All the actors in it were AMAZING. For the actor who played Precious, Gabour*ey Sibide, it was the first thing she has ever done and if you see an interview with her about the movie and then see the movie, you'll see how different the part was from her normal persona and realize how amazing she is! So go see it. Oh, Maria*h Carey is in it as well and they made her look so plain that I didn't even realize it was her!

*I hope to put some stuff into my etsy shop this week, so look for that announcement!

*I hope you are all enjoying your (*most likely*) short work weeks, like I am!


  1. Congrats Angela! I love seeing people who are generous get something back sometimes!!