Monday, November 2, 2009

Au Revoir, October.

Au Revoir, October. (Wasn't it still summer like yesterday?!)

My October went out with a bang on Halloween night. Such a bang in fact that it took me until today to blog about it. On Sunday I was out of commission for the entire day... big time. I basically slept and slept some more. Very unlike me... but that means I had a good time. Right?
: /

Boyfriend and I hosted our second annual Halloween party on Halloween night. It was A LOT of fun. I was Mrs. Claus (somehow i got no pictures of myself, booo, maybe one of my friends has one!) and boyfriend was the ultimate warrior (he likes to go a little crazy on halloween, don't judge, haha). Here are some of our friends in their pretty great costumes:

(sorry for the smoky look... it isn't actually smoke, we had a fog machine!)
A pencil, wonderwoman, the ultimate warrior, superman, and Micha*el Phelps
apparently the boys decided to go skimpy this year... haha

Micha*el Phelps won the costume contest and here he is with his firefly girlfriend!

I also really like how this came out. We stuck lollipops all over a pumpkin and whoever pulled one out that had a red marks on the bottom won a scratch ticket!

At one point a scary uninvited masked man came and chased me around the party. It was really frightening. I had no idea who it could be. I tried to get boyfriend to save me but most people just laughed.

The scary man looked like this! EEK!
It ended up to be one of my uncles trying to scare us all. It worked. I should have known because he used to do that to my cousins and I every year when we were little!

The party was a good time had by all though. I love being a host. It is so much fun to see your friends enjoy things that you decorated, made, and planned.... and of course, the benefit of having a party at your own house, you don't have to drive home! ; ) So fun!

Hello, November.

November is one of my favorite months... other than the extremely cold days and fading daylight. I just love love love the Thanksgiving/Christmas season. I am SO excited. In honor of this wonderful time I am going to particpate in National Blogging Month and blog every single day. Be ready. I am going host a giveaway soon too. And open up an Etsy store. And more! I just have lots to say! Stay tuned!

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