Thursday, October 8, 2009

Weekend Update!

I have three things to post about today. Woah, right? I am going to do it in three different posts because they don't correlate at all and that would bother me.

Last weekend was fun (i'm a little late on the weekend update seeing as it is Thursday, but whatev). Boyfriend and I went to Connecticut to visit one of our college friends and his girlfriend. We were SUPPOSED to go to a corn maze and have a pumpkin carving contest.

We drove to the corn maze/pumpkin patch.....

AND IT WAS CLOSED. it was kinda sorta raining but it was still sad.

So we went to the grocery store to buy pumpkins....

Then we came back to eat loads and loads of food:

veggies and dip
pumpkin ale
praline covered brie courtesy of boyfriend.
(AH-MAZING by the way, email me for the recipe!)
pizza with fresh mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, and pesto
peanut butter cup brownies.

NEEDLESS TO SAY... we were in a food induced coma by the time we were done. And lost ALL motivation to carve pumpkins. Well, not so much me, but everyone else.

So we never even carved the pumpkins and instead played games like Scattegories and The Sentence game.

It was a good time, we ate well and had good conversations.... but don't just hate when weather ruins your plans?

I DO! Grrrr, New England!

This weekend we are off to Maine to go camping on an island. On Monday I am sure I will have lots of pics. Pray for me that it isn't too cold because I love camping but I hate being cold. I already warned boyfriend that I will be complaining, a lot, if the weather stinks. Cross your fingersfor me!

Oh, and Happy Thursday!

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