Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Summer Faves!

Although I didn't technically get tagged for this, I *borrowed* it from Kate at Nautical by Nature (hope she doesn't mind)....

Favorite Summer Movie: I love movies so I can't pick a favorite! For movies that came out *THIS* summer, I really loved UP. I think Pixar is pretty much genius. I cried and my niece and nephew laughed at me, but really it was just so cute. As for movies that *TAKE PLACE* during summer STAND BY ME is classic. Just classic!

Favorite Summer Cocktail
: Skip and Go Naked... haha, really.... it is made of Lemonade, Water, Beer, Vodka, and Sprite. It sounds crazy, but I'm not kidding, it is SO GOOD and REFRESHING. Email me if you want the recipe. It's really really easy.

Favorite Summer Song:
Hmmm, tough one. I really like the song Mellow Mood by Slightly Stoopid. It reminds me of driving down to the beach. Also, I really will always love the song Boys of Summer by Don Henley, although that's more of a summer ending song.

Favorite Summer Meal
Corn on the cob, garden tomatoes, cheese and crackers and a watermelon roll from Friendly's for dessert!

Favorite Summer Outfit:
Summery sun dresses and old navy flip flops!

Favorite Summer Reading:
Anything because it's the only time I get to read for pleasure. One of my favorite books this summer was Firefly Lane. I forget who the author is but I loved it!

Favorite Summer Moment
So so so many... but I like simple summer moments too, like whole days spent at the beach, sun up to sun down. Then going out for ice cream, of course.

I am too lazy/tired to tag right now, so I tag anyone who hasn't done this yet!

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