Wednesday, September 16, 2009


*Ok, ok, I made a dessert decision... I think I am going to surprise boyfriend with cupcakes and a nice dinner (i think eggplant parmesan) for his real birthday tomorrow and make the cheesecake for his family birthday party on Saturday. Calorie overload though, right?! Wellll... hopefully our guests will come hungry? : / I just can't resist.

*I hope I'll have pictures to show you... but my camera is not working ONCE AGAIN. I think I just kill digital cameras, they hate me. No, really. I have had three in the past year. Not good. I didn't even drop this one though. I, swear. Boo. I just hope I can fix it.

*I got two shirts, that are work-appropriate, today at Old Navy for $8 dollars TOTAL and old film (like 35 mm style) developed at Walgreens for FREE. I love getting good deals!! Can't wait to see what is on that film from, oh i don't know, ....8ishh years ago. Crazy. I am shocked I even found used film lying around.

*I can here the song "put me in coach" by john fogerty coming from the living room and I really love that song. It just puts me in a good mood!

*Head over to The Design Girl because it is Danielle's birthday tomorrow and she is hosting some fab giveaways all week long!

*That's all for now. Happy (almost) THURSDAY!

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