Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The 1st day of September... can you believe it?! Because I really can't.... and I feel like this summer was only 3 weeks long, but that's another story.

Do you know what September 1st means?


Most likely because I am a teacher and have always had a "back to school" experience as either a student, or you know, a job... September 1st ALWAYS feels like a new year for me. Time to dust off the chalkboards and buy brand new notebooks (which I love! btw) and start anew. This also carries over into my personal life and I usually get really ambitious and goal oriented. It doesn't last long... but it feels good to start fresh and

do all the stuff I have ignored all summer long
get productive.... and let's just see how long this lasts. Without further ado I give you my fall goals.... or hopes and dreams as we call them in first grade!

1. Move my office at work and make it look clean, organized, and lovely. Actually, I already did this one... but I made it look awesome so I am proud of myself. And now the goal is to KEEP it that way.

2. Practice more sewing and work on a range of products. So far I have made headbands, haha, but they are SO cute. Also, I am making a dress which I *hope* is done by labor day, I'll post pics when I am finished!

3. Eat healthier and try out new and exciting recipes... and actually write them down so I remember to try them!

4. Start waking up super early to exercise (this will be TOUGH I *need* 8 hrs of sleep a night)

5. Make sure to keep in touch with my friends that are near and far. Sometimes it is so hard to keep in touch with people, but I feel like you really should put in the effort. I love my friends and while there are some of them who I cannot see or talk to for months and months and still be fine but there is others who fall into the "well you never call me" and "well thats because you never call me" trap. Who cares, just call eachother when you feel like it, right?!

6. Lastly, (even though I hate even numbers) have a productive school year! Wish me luck with the first day with the kiddos tomorrow!

Happy 1st day of school, or Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. Have a great week!

    and i think you are the first person I've ever known who hates even numbers.