Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vacation, Giveaways, and a Rant.

In the Indiana town where I will be heading as part of my vacation next week slash for boyfriend's family reunion, they have this little sandwich/candy shoppe downtown.

It reminds me of a place that would be straight out of the 1960's Midwest {I imagine}. And they have delish red hot hard candies, cream cheese and olive sandwiches, and vanilla cokes. YUM! They also have a {weird} cucumber sandwich thing called Benedictine (sp?) that boyfriend loves. I am a New England girl so it kind of just looks odd and green to me. I've only been there once before and I SO can't wait to go again!!!
Do you ever feel like some people are incompetent at seemingly simple jobs? I do. Today I went to get two new boxes of contacts. The first issue was that I had to spell my last name for the man THREE times to put into his computer, and my last name really isnt that hard. Then, I gave him a piece of paper with my name on it for him to copy onto another piece of paper and he *STILL* forgot a letter. Then he gave me the two boxes of contacts. Since my vision is different in each eye I wear two different types of contacts. Usually the guy marks one of the boxes R and the other L so I know which one to put in which eye. When I left the store I realized he had marked each box R.... leaving me to have to make a call to find out which goes where. UGHH! People really need to take the time and do things correct, in my humble opinion.

Mrs. Newlywed is hosting a giveaway to win a monogrammed pair of loafers! HOW CUTE DOES THAT SOUND? Very, I know, so go check it out!!

Hanging out with my fave {now} three year old tomorrow and then my vacation officially begins!

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  1. That store looks fantastic! Enjoy yourself! :)