Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Six Things That Make Me Happy!

Rachel played this little game and I decided to play along because I really need to think some happy thoughts today. I am feeling rather stressed.

(I really like that bold, pink writing)

1. Going on vacation in two short days. I can't wait!!!

2. Spending warm, sunny days on this beach.

3. My crazy, little Juno girl.

4. My big, crazy fam and my amazing boyfriend ej, of course. I love them more than life.

5. Eating healthy food and yoga! (Wish this pic was of me...)

6. And of course, last but not least, six months till CHRISTMAS! (What? I love it!)

Oooh, I love this list. But I do have one thing that does not make me so happy. A particularly irritating coworker of mine (correction: the ONLY irritating coworker of mine) said to me today, "Did you paint your nails and toes by yourself?!?" I replied that yes, I did. She then proceeded to look incredulously at me and say, "YEAH, I CAN TELL!!" I mean, reaaally? You're just going to be that blatantly mean and rude?! Do I tell you that you smell like stale cigarettes and that I find that and your incessant burping rather repulsive?! No, no I do not. I am not *that* mean, despite the fact that you feel the need to be rather rude to me. I mean really. I didn't know that painting your own nails was a crime and I happen to think they look rather good. Stupid biatch, haha.

Sorry girls, this woman just really frustrates me and I needed to get that off my chest. Now I will just think of my happy list and not her annoying self as I drift off to sleep. Thanks for listening!

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