Thursday, July 16, 2009

Scarrry night.

So last night was scary. My sister called me to say that I needed to go meet my Dad at the hospital. He was there with my Mom because while they where at my nephew's baseball game, she was siting on a picnic table... and her hip came out of its socket... aka her entire leg seemed like it was no longer attached to her body deeming it useless. Unfortunately, this same thing happened to her about two years ago as well.

My dad brought her to the ER and a couple of pain pills, two sedations, two attempts, and 5 hrs later they had put it back in.... basically by having a doc stand up on her bed and twist her leg all around while they tried to put it back in. Sounds scary, huh? Fortunately, she got to sleep through the whole thing. My sis, dad, and I got to wait, wait, and watch. It wasn't fun... I really don't like hospitals. I give nurses all the credit in the world... i don't know how they do it. She ended up staying the night, my dad and i got home at 2 am, and then went back this morning when she was discharged with a knee brace (to try to prevent her from bending her hip at a 90 degree angle) and crutches. Not ideal for my mom who doesn't like to be in the house for more than 5 minutes and is pretty much the energizer bunny. I hope she spends enough time using the brace.

My poor mom has consistently had hip problems since birth. She has had 3 hip replacements on her two legs and is about to have her 4th. I really hope when they do the 4th surgery they can do something to prevent it from slipping out again because it really is SO painful and clearly, quite an ordeal. Atleast she is home though and can walk on it somewhat. I'm still worried though, I hate having to worry about this stuff. I am just really a big worrier.

Needless to say, I didn't sleep last night. Boo : (

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